eBizInfoSys Pathankot is the recognized global leader in technology-enabled Web Developing and assessment services. Its comprehensive suite of services, including Web development, test delivery and data management capabilities, allows clients to develop and launch global Web Developing programs, as well as accurately measure program results and data

Training Sessions

With no Global boundaries for technology, eBizInfoSys Pathankot aims to inculcate an attitude of continuous learning and improvement. Each member of eBizInfoSys to attain international standards of expertise and managerial skills with systematic and organized procedures.


To groom people in certain platforms with regard to processes being followed at eBizInfoSys Pathankot with respect to engineering in particular.
To acquire relevant domain specific knowledge.
To be competitive and hence be more marketable.
To be ever changing with the industry standards.
Obsolescence Prevention.
Personal Growth of Attendees.
To help achieve personal career objectives

PHP Sessions

  • 1. About PHP & PHP Basics
  • 2. Programming in PHP
  • 3. PHP- Session & Cookies
  • 4. Add/edit/delete/activate/sort listing& SQL
  • 5. PHP5 Framework
  • 6. Error Handling & debugging procedures
  • 7. Web 2.0(CSS/XHTML)

Sessions for Trainees

  • 1. Web- Applications
  • 2. General programming concepts & latest trends, VSS, FTP
  • 3. Databases
  • 4. HTML
  • 5. JavaScript
  • 6. SEO
  • 7. PHP