Miva to Eclipse ERP Integration


We have recently completed Miva to Eclipse ERP integration.

Integrating Miva with Eclipse ERP can significantly enhance your business operations by centralizing data and streamlining processes. This integration allows you to synchronize important information such as customer data, product details, inventory levels, orders, and financial records between the two systems.

Benefits of Miva to Eclipse ERP Integration:

  1. Efficient Order Management: Orders placed on your Miva e-commerce platform are seamlessly transferred to Eclipse ERP, ensuring timely processing and fulfillment.
  2. Real-time Inventory Updates: Inventory levels are synchronized between Miva and Eclipse ERP, preventing overselling and stockouts.
  3. Centralized Customer Data: Customer information, purchase history, and preferences are accessible in both systems, facilitating personalized customer service.
  4. Automated Financial Processes: Invoices, payments, and tax calculations can be automated, reducing manual errors and saving time on financial management tasks.
  5. Data Analysis and Reporting: Centralized data allows for comprehensive analysis and reporting, empowering data-driven decision-making.


Steps for Miva to Eclipse ERP Integration:

  1. Identify Integration Requirements: Determine the specific data and processes you want to integrate between Miva and Eclipse ERP.
  2. API Setup:  Miva and Eclipse ERP offer APIs for integration,
  3. Data Mapping: Map the fields and data structures between Miva and Eclipse ERP to ensure seamless data transfer.
  4. Custom Development/Configuration: Depending on the requirements we can do some custom integration for some additional data flows like Shipped order tracking number status update from Eclipse to Miva.
  5. Testing: Thoroughly test the integration to ensure data accuracy and functionality. Test various scenarios, including order placement, inventory updates, and customer data synchronization.
  6. Deployment: Once testing is successful, deploy the integration to your live systems. Monitor the integration initially to ensure smooth functioning.
  7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Regularly monitor the integration for any issues and apply updates or fixes as needed.


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