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Introduction to my IT journey

After spending 10 years in the IT industry, I came to know a lot of things ranging from a fresher who was struggling for a Job, Technology selection confusion, getting a Job then started working in the IT sector and finally reached the level of Managing Technical professionals in MNC. Here, I would like to share some tips for the freshers who are looking for a direction to work upon.

Learning during Internship in eBizInfosys

In 2009, during 2 months of internship, this was the first time when I heard about PHP programming. The credit goes to eBizInfosys CEO who helped me to give a start to Technology exposure. He is quite a knowledgeable, down to the ground person, and at the time I was a fresher, he guided and motivated me so well. I was the only student who made a project in PHP, MYSQL in my Engineering batch. After completing my internship ending with a small project related to School Management, I got to know the different things in terms of coding, best practices used while writing code, database, and deployment of an application on a web server.

Technical key areas to focus on as a beginner

I worked with different organizations ranging from small, middle scale to MNC’s. Every organization was having a different work culture and different processes to be followed. However, one thing is common if you do not have logical / communication skills apart from the domain knowledge, it will be difficult to survive in an organization. Rather than getting confused about the different programming languages at the initial level, freshers need to focus on building their logical skills, work on Data Structure, Database, Aptitude, Reasoning, and problem-solving skills. There are various sources available on the internet such as Hacker Rank, Code Chef for improving problem-solving skills.

With the advancement of technology, there are multiple resources are there on the internet to learn. All you need to have motivation and zeal to achieve your goals.  Learn about the various stages of SDLC which will give you an overall idea of Software development using different SDLC Models. Pick up the logical problems on a regular basis, decompose them into small subproblems and try to solve them with the pseudo-code. Try to create a high-level design with flowcharts which will give you a more diagrammatic representation on the problem-solving level. One more useful website is geeks for geeks which is very good from the interview point of view and this will really help you in your career irrespective of any programming language you choose to code.

Freshers having good logical skills who want to build their career in Web Development nearby city Pathankot, Punjab must try in eBizInfosys. All the Team members are very supportive and you will get the privilege to present your ideas in front of experienced Team members and convert your thoughts into reality using implementation. They always appreciate the ideas you give and provide full support in terms of boosting confidence and proper guidance to implement the solutions. They follow the flat hierarchy while working and provide flexibility to work with no bossy people who are there to demotivate. Moreover, they take care of their employees in terms of regular knowledge-sharing sessions, fun activities, etc. For your information, I am not a sponsor of eBizInfosys. However, whatever I have written in the above few sentences, I personally experienced the same.

All the best for your career, keep learning!!!

Stay motivated and keep practicing!!!

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